We have have fully qualified English Speaking nurses just in case you need them. We have nurses working around the clock 24 Hours a day. Our Chiang Mai Residence and Hotel will have Doctors.

We also have Professional Medical staff that are trained to use an AED life saving machine at ALL of our properties. 

In the picture above is one of our nurses in Hua Hin, her name is Tanya, she and all of our nurses are professional and fully Qualified nurses. Most of our Nurses speak English.

We know at any time we can get into trouble so we want you to know that whilst you are on holiday or you live here, you can call the nurse at the touch of a button at any time day or night. 

It is very important to us that you have the comfort of safety just knowing that there is a nurse who can come to help you in the event that you need help. 

Our nurses can either leave you alone or come and check you every morning, the choice is yours. If you feel you want privacy, them you just put up the please do not disturb sign on your door.

Our Nurses will keep a regular check  on your  blood pressure, oxygen test, cholesterol tests, sugar levels, eye test, a triglycerides test and more! 

Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood. High levels of triglycerides may raise the risk of coronary artery disease, especially in women.


A person's triglyceride levels are measured with a blood test along with testing cholesterol levels in the blood. Normal triglycerides are below 150. 

Knowing Your health is being monitored by fully qualified nurses, you can safely relax and enjoy your days. So many people neglect there health and it ends in a sad and very often fatal result. 

Living at one of Sunshine International's Retirement Residences   is a wise decision and doesn’t mean you are sick or even old, it often means you are well and you want to stay well for longer, you are wise! 

After working so hard all of your life, isn’t it important that you live your later years with the best of quality.  After all you only live once! Don’t make it shorter than you need too!

We are here to care for you!