Are you Riding the wave?

We believe in riding the wave and we believe a new wave is rapidly approaching Asia, especially Thailand.


As you know with all entrepreneurs, they have some gifts, and one of the main gifts is getting on the FIRST wave.

Being first and not missing the boat is an important factor.

Why are foreigners flocking to ASIA

We firmly believe that specialising in Retirement Care is a future boom for Thailand. People are coming here by the thousands in search for a cheaper and more quality retirement with sunshine all year around. As people move to Thailand in their 60s and 70's, they need to know that there are doctors, nurses and medical staff on call 24 hours. 

Warmer Climate and Cheaper Care

Thailand has one of the best climates in the world with sunshine almost everyday of the year.

To stay in a Nursing home in Europe is very often degrading and expensive.

Because there is not so much red tape in Thailand, We are able to offer High end Residences that are similar to Luxury hotel staffed with nurses at the fraction of the price in Europe.

Many people in Europe now are being forced to sell there homes to pay for  Expensive Care.

The Land of Smiles and Care

Thailand people are know throughout the world as kind caring and gentle. They have achieved the well recognised name of The Land of Smiles.

Thai people have so much patience to care for others, it's simply Amazing Thailand.

Cheaper Living Costs and more Tourists

Over the past few years, each year the number of tourist arrivals go up almost ever year.

More and more of these people will move to Asia, Especially Thailand. 

Hua Hin in Thailand has been voted one of the top Retirement Destination's in the world

What's the cost of living like in Thailand?

In Thailand, the incredible standard of living draws visitors and expats from all over the world. Consumer prices are reasonable, housing is cheap and you’ll be able to afford luxuries that aren’t available to you in the west. If you’re adventurous enough to cope with the culture shock, your budget will thank you.

How much money do I need to retire in Thailand?


As everyone is different, some people can live off 30,000 Baht per month and some people spend over 100,000 Baht per month. It really depends on your lifestyle. 

What’s daily life like?

In Thailand, the climate is generally hot and tropical there, so if you’re looking to escape the cold you’ll be going to the right place. The warmest month is April, which has average temperatures of 31°C (87°F).

In December, the coldest month, you can expect temperatures of 26°C (79°F).

North of Bangkok, where most people live, the climate is determined by three seasons: a dry and cooler period from November to February, a dry and hotter period from March to May and a monsoon season from May to November.


South of Bangkok, the climate is determined only by two seasons, the rainy season from April to October and the dry period from November to March. 

Retirees in Thailand tend to pursue a range of leisure activities. The warm climate means water sports, hiking and fishing are generally available. History buffs have countless temples and ancient sites to visit.

Sport is also common in Thailand. Thai boxing is a vigorous, energy-intensive sport so if you’re on the active side, you’ll have access to the world’s best Thai boxing experts there.


When you’re not feeling as active, wellness activities are a very popular part of Thai customs. You’ll find many spa treatments and traditional massage therapies.

Thailand has some of the Best shopping malls in the world