Sunshine International is the leading brand of Retirement Hotels in Thailand. 

Our Vision

In Europe, retirement homes in general have got more and more expensive over the years, salaries are forever rising, and due to the expenses, it has been hard to maintain the standard of service that we would all like to have. 

There is also so much red tape, this has effected the expenses of retirement home and sadly, it is the customers who end up paying for these extra expenses.

The average retirement home in Europe now is over 130,000 Baht (2,500 Pounds) per month. 

It is our vision to slash the cost of staying in a retirement home in Thailand to half of that of a European country.


We also plan not only to cut the costs for our customers, but to increase the services to enable our customers to enjoy a better quality of life. 

In the past, most of Thailand's Families take care of their parents themselves. 

With Thailand rapidly becoming a Modern World Class Destination,  The Thai's are now serious about working, serious about business and they no longer have the time to take care of the parents themselves. Long gone are the days of sitting home all day for the modern family. 

Thailand's standards are rapidly changing, they are becoming a modern nation and their wants are similar to that of many advanced countries. The amount of Billionaires rising in Thailand is growing by the year. It is no longer a third world country and it is advancing quickly. 

Just a few years ago, we didn't have all the famous International brands here in Thailand, but nowadays they are all here mostly, except Retirement Homes. 

Many of the international Brands such as Best Western Hotels, Boots, Tesco's,  Marriott Hotels, Burger King, Mac Donald's, Pizza Hut, KFC, Intercontinental Hotels, and many more are booming in Thailand and it's because the Thai people now want to be part of the big wide international fast developing world and they are catching up quick. 

Thailand is becoming a world class destination retirement home to many of the world's millionaires and to many medium class people who want to come here and live in the sunshine. 


Retirement Hotels and Residences  are something that we want to introduce to not only the thousands of foreigners living here in Thailand, but to the Thai people too!


With regular flights daily to Thailand, it is a small world now a days. 

We want all our retirement Residences to have the feeling that each guest will be staying in a hotel and not an elderly home.


All of our properties will be three to five star. All will have tropical gardens, a swimming pool and each guest will have their own private suite, Bungalow, or apartment. 

Moving from Europe to Asia, we feel that it will add years to your life. 

So many people in retirement homes in Europe die prematurely because of boredom. Here they can get out in the sunshine, go for a swim and take part in some of the activities that we will provide for our guest.